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Oregano is a well-known Italian herb that is frequently used as a topping on various types of delectable pasta and pizzas. However, it is also available in a more potent form, known as oregano oil or oregano essential oil. Due to its incredible health benefits, which include battling parasites, infections, and inflammation, it is frequently used as a herbal supplement. Not only that, but it is also believed to enhance digestion and gut health. Despite all these positive qualities of this oil, it is frequently overlooked that it also has a few adverse effects that can range from minor to severe. Among other adverse effects, may cause an allergic reaction, pregnancy-related issues, and blood-related illnesses

The detrimental effects that oregano oil may have on the body, despite having a rich nutrient profile, are covered in detail in this article. It’s crucial to remember that oregano oil isn’t often used in cooking unless specifically advised to do so or if there’s a particular health issue. Its topical treatment to wounds or inhalation for some particular medical disorders are the two most common uses of this oil. Let’s look at these negative effects below in light of that.

Side Effects of Oregano Oil

The overuse of oregano oil is what causes the majority of its negative effects. Oregano oil is much more potent than the herb version. As a result, it is simple to consume too much of it at once. Follow your doctor’s, herbalist’s, or other medical professional’s instructions when using this oil. One to two drops at a time is the maximum recommended dosage. Your health may suffer if you consume too much oregano oil. 

The bottom line

If you experience any difficulty after utilising this oil, it is strongly advised that you visit a doctor. This pain could manifest as a rash, heart palpitations, or a stomach ache. If you have an allergy, inhaling oregano oil can seriously irritate your airways and make them inflamed. Additionally, it is advised to visit a doctor if you feel worn out, have any headaches or muscle pain, or have any trouble swallowing. When using, moderation is advised, and a prescription from a doctor is preferable.

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