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What does Big Meech wife look like these days?


Big Meech wife is a woman who has been with the rapper for almost 20 years. She was born in 1974, and he has been married to her since 1993. The couple have two children together: a son named D’Moeir and a daughter named D’Nisha Marie.

Who is Big Meech wife?

Big Meech is a mother of two children, and she’s also a businesswoman. She’s got a lot of interests outside of music and fashion, including philanthropy. The socialite has been seen around New York City with her new husband since the couple tied the knot in 2009.

What is BMF?

Big Meech wife is a hip hop group from Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of Big Meech, T-Rock and Blood Raw. They have been releasing music since 2002 and are still going strong today with their latest album “The Deadbeat EP”. The name BMF comes from their hometown where they’re also known as “Big Meech” (instead of his actual name).

The three rappers started out in high school where they began rapping together at lunchtime in front of other students who were impressed by their talent for rhyming lyrics over beats. After graduating from college they formed a group called Nasty Boyz which was short lived due to financial issues but did help them get some recognition around town before moving onto bigger things with BMF!

Where is Big Meech wife Now?

Big Meech wife is currently serving a 20-year sentence in prison for money laundering and drug trafficking. She was arrested in 2010, convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine in 2009 and sentenced to 50 years.

She has always been active on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter which has helped her maintain her popularity while being behind bars.

Big Meech wife

You may have heard about Big Meech, the rapper who was once married to Nicki Minaj. Well, there’s a new update on his life: he’s gay now!

Big Meech made headlines when it was announced that he had divorced Nicki Minaj after eight years of marriage. Many people thought that this was because they were having marital problems and couldn’t stand each other anymore—but it turns out they weren’t happy together at all! In fact, their divorce papers said neither party cheated on the other (even though we know Nicki has been with Nas). So what happened?

Big Meech admitted in an interview with XXL magazine that he realized his wife wasn’t into him sexually because she didn’t want children or anything else like that…which kind of makes sense considering how much she struggles with her career sometimes! But even though it might seem unfair for someone else’s personal issues affect yours too much–it doesn’t mean those issues aren’t still affecting them negatively.”


We are still trying to find out who the Big Meech wife is, but we do know that she is still alive and well. The woman has been spotted several times since her husband passed away in 2011, most recently at an event with her children on October 25th. We hope that someday soon we will know more about this mystery person’s life after all those years of keeping it under wraps.

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