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How big can Cherokee Purple Tomatoes grow?


If you intend to produce enormous, exotic Cherokee Purple tomatoes in your garden this year, you may be concerned about how large the plants and fruit will grow in size. You will be able to plan the quantity of Cherokee Purple tomato plants you will need and the amount of space you will require for your crop of Cherokee tomatoes ifvod.

Size and Height

When it comes to size, how big do Cherokee Purple tomatoes get? To reach a height of 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) and a width of 18 inches (46 centimeters), Cherokee plants must be spaced 4 to 6 feet apart. The Cherokee Purple tomato fruit is 5 inches wide, 3 inches deep, and weighs 8 to 13 ounces (227 to 369 grams) .

Of course, the quality of your fruit (assuming you are lucky enough to receive any at all!) is dependent on how well you care for your tomato plants. Here is a closer look at these tomatoes, including their size, growing conditions, and time required to reach full maturity.


Cherokee When you say that purple tomatoes are indeterminate, you refer to the fact that their maximum height is not determined by genetics. It is expected that they will continue to grow and provide fruit throughout the growing season Ibomma.

After transplanting into your garden, it will take between 72 and 90 days for a Cherokee Purple tomato plant to mature and ripen. The time it takes to see mature, ripe fruit on the vine if you start Cherokee Purple tomatoes from seed will be approximately 25 days longer (for a total of 97 to 115 days from seed to ripe fruit).

Harvest Time

So, how can you determine the best time to harvest Purple Tomatoes? The fruit itself will have the appearance of a flat globe with “shoulders” or ridges at the very top of the fruit. Ripe tomatoes are dusky pink in hue with some green or brown spots when they are fully mature.

Hybrid Types

Cherokee The fact that purple tomatoes grow reasonably makes them a relatively simple plant to grow. Compared to hybrid types, they also have lower resilience to some common tomato diseases, such as fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt.

Because Cherokee demand direct sunlight, a gray area will not be suitable for them. Furthermore, the fruit matures 72 to 90 days after transplanting, which is in the middle of the road regarding the time it takes for tomato plants to reach maturity.

Remember that every day that your tomato plants are on the vine is another opportunity for illnesses such as blight to infect them. As a result, a shorter period to maturity implies that your plants will not be exposed to these hazards for as long as other tomato types would have been.

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